Instagram has something for those who miss the good ole days of social media when your feed simply showed posts in chronological order. 

The popular image-sharing social app just announced two new feed options for users, one of which brings back chronological scrolling, according to a blog post by parent company, Meta.

Instagram Feeds

The new Following feed option is exactly what it sounds like. It shows images by those you follow in the order in which they were originally posted. This is how social media sites operated before algorithms started deciding what posts we'd like to see and the order we'd like to see them in. 

There is a second feed option, and it's also interesting. Instagram is calling it Favorites, and like Following, it is exactly what it sounds like. It shows posts by users you have favorited. 

The feature allows people to star, or favorite, up to 50 accounts, and their posts will show up higher in the main feed or exclusively in a dedicated "Favorites" feed. The favorites list is private and will not be visible to anyone else, in case you are embarrassed by your 50 favorite Instagram cats. 

Instagram Favorites

It's not all sunshine and roses in the world of Instagram, however, as head executive Adam Mosseri noted in the blog post that "over time, we're going to add more recommendations to your feed based on your interests." This likely means more posts by accounts you don't follow, including ads. 

The new feed options are available in Instagram's latest updates for iOS and Android users.