A new 3.0 update has come to iMovie on the iPhone and iPad, which Apple says will "make it easier than ever to create beautiful edited videos."

Editing videos from an iPhone or iPad may not be as smooth as it is on a computer, but iMovie 3.0 aims to make at least basic video editing much simpler on smaller devices. The new update adds a couple of new features specifically designed to help guide you while putting a project together or to automatically create one for you from your photo library. Once created, videos can then be shared through iMovie directly to Messages, Mail, or on various social platforms.

Updated iMovie on iPad

Storyboards replaces the blank movie timeline typically found when starting a new project with a selection of up to 20 different storyboards that can act as a sort of loose guide. Themes vary from video styles like news reports to product reviews, and each one provides a recommended shot list to keep you on track. Placeholder thumbnails also include tips and recommendations for their associated shots, and you're free to rearrange a storyboard's shot order (and add/remove shots) as you see fit.

Updated iMovie on iPhone

Magic Movie, on the other hand, takes the reins almost entirely in order to generate videos for you by accessing your photo library and albums. All you have to do is select the album (or individual photos) you want to use, and Magic Movie will take care of the rest—including music, titles, and transitions. Once complete, you can make any adjustments you want, including small edits, rearranging clips, adding Styles, or removing any bits you may not want.

The iMovie 3.0 update is available now for both the iPhone and the iPad (iOS 15.2 or iPad OS 15.2 are also required), with the app itself being a free download.