What to Know

  • Create group > create new message > select Show Cc & Bcc > enter group name in Bcc field > compose > Send.
  • Or: Create new message > select Show Cc & Bcc > insert group in Bcc field from Hotmail address book.
  • Entering an email into the To field is not necessary.

This article explains how to send messages to groups in Windows Live Hotmail.

Send a Message to a Group of Recipients with Windows Live Hotmail

To send an email to a group from Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Create a group in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Now create a new email message.
  • Click Show Cc & Bcc.
  • Type your group’s nickname in the Bcc: field.
    • Alternatively, you can insert it from your Windows Live Hotmail address book.
  • Compose the message and send it.

Your message will automatically be delivered to all members of the group.

If you want, you can put your email address in the To: field of your Windows Live Hotmail group message, but you can just as well leave it empty.