What to Know

  • Facebook.com: Select Pages. Choose a page in Your Pages. Go to Settings > General > Remove Page > Delete page name > Delete.
  • Facebook app: Select the More icon, then go to Pages > page name > More tab > Settings > General > Delete page name > Delete.

This article explains how to delete a Facebook page on Facebook.com in a web browser or from the Facebook mobile app. It includes information on how to confirm you are an admin of the page and several alternatives to deleting a page.

How to Delete a Facebook Page on Facebook.com

Open Facebook.com in a computer browser and log in. You must be an admin of any page you want to delete.

  1. Go to the page you want to delete and select Settings from the left menu.

    Settings in the Manage Page section

  2. Choose the General tab. Scroll down to Remove Page and select Edit.

    The Remove Page command

  3. Select Delete page name.

    Facebook Page deletion screen

  4. Select Delete in the window that opens.

    The Delete button

How to Delete a Facebook Page Using the Facebook App

Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android mobile device.

  1. Navigate to your page by going to the More icon, choosing Pages, and tapping the name of your page.

    Navigating to a page in Facebook

  2. Select the Settings icon.

  3. Tap General.

  4. Under Remove Page, tap Delete page name.

    Facebook app steps to remove a Page

  5. Select Delete to confirm.

If you change your mind about deleting the page, visit the page and select Cancel Deletion on Facebook.com or select Scheduled for deletion in X days on the app within the 14-day period to restore it.

How to Identify Page Admin Using a Computer

Only users assigned the role of admin can delete Facebook pages. If you created the page, you’re the admin by default. However, if you were not the one who created the page, you must have permission from another admin of the page to become an admin.

To find out if you're an admin of a Facebook page on a computer:

  1. Select Pages in the left menu.

    Pages heading on Facebook

  2. Select the page you want to delete under Your Pages in the left column.

    A Facebook page in the Your Pages list

  3. Select Settings from the left menu.

    Settings in the Manage Page section

  4. Select Page Roles from the left menu.

    Page Roles in Page Settings

  5. Scroll down to the Existing Page Roles section and look for the word Admin next to your name.

    The Existing Page Roles section

How to Identify Page Admin Using a Mobile Device

If you use the Facebook mobile app for iOS or Android:

  1. Open the Facebook app and select the menu icon in the lower-right corner.

  2. Select Pages.

  3. Select your page.

    Navigating to a page in Facebook

  4. Select Settings in the upper-right corner.

  5. Tap Page Roles.

  6. If you're an admin, your profile picture and name appear in the Current People section with the Admin label.

    Page Roles for a Facebook page

Confirm Page Deletion After 14 Days

Deleting a Facebook page removes it from Facebook for 14 days, after which you're asked to confirm its permanent deletion. Facebook maintains this 14-day page removal period in case you change your mind and want to restore it.

After you confirm its deletion, the Facebook page can never be restored.

Alternatives to Page Deletion

Before you delete your page, first consider a few alternative options:

  • Unpublish the page instead: Unpublishing your page makes it inaccessible to the public, including the people who liked the page. The only people who can see your page are those with page roles.
  • Merge the page with an existing similar page: If you're an admin of another page with a similar name and representation, Facebook allows you to merge it with the one you don't want to maintain anymore.
  • Download a copy of your page data before you delete it: Obtain your page data so that you have a copy of your posts, photos, videos, and page information.

Each of the above can be done from the page settings tab. Look for the Page Visibility section to unpublish the page, the Merge Posts section to combine it with a similar page, or the Download Page section to download a copy of the page.

You can only download your page from a web browser.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile

A Facebook page is different from a profile. Your user profile represents you as an individual. It’s where you interact with friends and maintain control over the privacy of the information you share. A page is a public representation of a person, place, business, organization, or group that other people on Facebook can like and follow.