What to Know

  • Settings & privacy: Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts > Shortcut bar > Available Shortcuts > Auto or Pin.
  • On the desktop: Groups > Groups you manage or Groups you've joined > Pin.

In this article, we will show you how to add groups to the shortcut bar on Facebook. The visibility of icons like Groups on the shortcut bar is controlled from the Facebook app settings on iOS and Android.

How to Add Groups to Your Shortcut Bar on the Facebook App

Facebook can display the Groups icon on the shortcut bar based on your activity. To permanently keep the Groups icon on the bar, go into the Facebook app settings. The steps are similar on iOS and Android. The screenshots below are from the Facebook app on iOS.

  1. Go to the Facebook menu at the foot of the screen and tap the hamburger icon for the Menu (the three horizontal bars) on the right.

  2. Select Settings and privacy to reveal more options.

  3. Select Settings.

    Facebook Settings on iOS app with Menu, Settings & Privacy and Settings highlighted

  4. Go down the list of Preferences and choose Shortcuts.

  5. Select Shortcut bar.

    Facebook Shortcuts setting on the iOS app with Shortcuts and Shortcut Bar highlighted

  6. On the Customize your shortcut bar screen tap, select the dropdown next to Groups.

  7. Select Pin or Auto from the slide-out menu. "Pin" keeps Groups on the shortcut bar while "Auto" controls the visibility of the Groups icon based on your activity in any of your groups. You can also remove Groups from the shortcut bar by selecting Hide.

    Pin Groups in Customize your shortcut bar


You can only customize the shortcuts on the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. It's not possible to hide the shortcuts on the desktop.

How to Add a Group to the Menu on Facebook Desktop

Facebook on the desktop doesn't have a shortcut bar. However, you can browse to Groups from the left menu and add your favorite groups under the main Groups icon by pinning them to the menu.

  1. Open Facebook in a desktop browser.

  2. From the News Feed, select Groups in the left menu (select See more if all icons aren't visible).

    Facebook homepage on desktop with Groups highlighted

  3. The Groups page lists the Groups you manage and the Groups you've joined.

    Pinned Facebook Groups highlighted

  4. From the left menu, select the Pin icon next to the group you want to access. All pinned groups will be displayed together in a new Pinned group on the Groups page. Alternatively, select the pin icon for the groups you want to unpin from the menu.

  5. The left menu organizes the selected groups for quicker access.

    Facebook Groups on the left navigation bar with pinned icon highlighted


  • How do I delete groups on Facebook?

    To delete a Facebook Group, launch Facebook and select Groups. Under Groups You Manage, select the group you want to delete. Select Members; next to each member, select More (three dots) > Remove From Group. Remove all members. When you're the only one left, select More > Leave Group > Delete Group.

  • How do I find groups on Facebook?

    To find groups on Facebook, go to Groups. Under For You, you'll see groups you've joined, friends' groups, and suggested groups. Under Your Groups, you'll see any groups you manage and all the groups you've joined. Tap Discover to search for a group or a keyword related to a group you're interested in.

  • How do I tag groups on Facebook?

    To mention a Facebook group in a post or comment, type @ followed by the group's name. Select the group name from the list of options that appears. A link to the group will be created, but the group's privacy settings will dictate what's visible to people who click.