Over the coming months, Google will be rolling out new updates to its Maps service that gives information on toll booth prices and a more detailed map.

According to Google, the estimated prices you will see are taken from local toll jurisdictions and vary according to certain factors. Navigation maps will now include the finer details of a route, like stop signs. And Google Maps on iOS will be further integrated to make it easier to use while traveling.

Google Maps changes

Factors that influence toll booth prices include the day of the week, the cost of a pass, and what time you arrived. The new feature will be coming to Android and iOS this April and will cover toll booths across the U.S., India, Japan, and Indonesia with more counties on the way.

Maps will also have a toll-free option for routes if there are any available. Goodle is also adding details like traffic lights, stop signs, and other points of interest to the app. Select cities will have additional details, like pointing out the medians in a street, but Google didn't say which locations.

Navigation map changes

Similarly, the new navigation map will arrive on Android and iOS in select countries, but no indication as to where. Exclusive iOS changes include no longer needing the Apple Watch to be connected to an iPhone to use Maps and a new trip widget that appears on the home screen.

The final iOS update integrates Google Maps directly to Siri and the Spotlight app. You will have to connect this feature yourself but Apple provides instructions on their website.