Facebook Messenger is testing a new 'Split Payments' feature which will allow you to divide payments between your friends and family.

According to the announcement, Split Payments aims to make covering the costs of bills and other expenses easier and faster to do. You’ll be able to divide payments evenly or customize the amount for each person in your group.

Facebook Messenger Split Payments

Details of the payment are displayed in detail in a Messenger group chat. Split Payments will roll out to American users next week; there’s no mention of other regions.

Split Payments is a part of the continued support for Facebook Pay, which came out in 2019 as Meta sought a way to establish a payment system across its many apps. In June 2021, Facebook Messenger added QR codes and Payment Links for people who want to request or send money through the app.

Other additions to the app were also introduced in this feature bundle. Facebook Messenger teamed up with notable content creators to bring two new filters to Group Effects. You can become royalty and have a crown on your head with the new King Bach filter or trick your friends by faking a bad connection with the confusingly similarly-named Zach King filter.

Friends figuring out payments

The final update includes new additions to the app’s Soundmoji feature. Soundmojis are essentially emojis with sound, with one based on Taylor Swift’s new album Red and two others inspired by the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.